Welcome to the Okavango Delta

A hidden secret in Botswana’s pristine wilderness, combined with luxury and a taste of its diverse cultures…


Our Story

Inspired by the incredible breathtaking scenery and beauty of the biggest in-land delta in the world, the ‘Okavango Delta’. After the first visit to the Delta in 2016 with the family.

It was clear we had to showcase this to the whole world!!! It was also clear that conservation had to be top of the agenda including preserving the culture of the tribes who live and breathe the Delta.

The name Xaoo means ‘Buffalo’ in the native language of Sesarwa, comes from the frequent Buffalo visits to the nearby marshes of the Camp.

The Chalets

Xaoo Safari Camp is a tented camp, off of the tiny village of Xoxao in the Okavango Delta. The village is home to a diverse Batswana tribe which includes a combination of Basarwa, Bayei and Baherero natives. Situated seventeen kilometers west of Shorobe Village in to the heart of the eastern part of the Okavango Delta.

Six gorgeous luxury tented and raised chalets with a capacity of a maximum of three or four people per chalet (two adults and two children or 3 adults). The chalets are ideal for couples, small families, and friends. The chalets are well spaced apart ensuring privacy and a personal experience. An excellent place for your much-needed rest in between your activities. Chalets are in-suite and equipped with:

-Super-sized King size Bed or two ¾ beds (based on preference)
-Sleeper couch
-Indoor bath tub
-Outdoor shower
-Solar powered geyzers

Camping Grounds

Four spacious camping grounds occupy the western side of the resort. These have a capacity to occupy up to 40 self-driving campers.

There are the following amenities on the grounds:

-electricity points for charging purposes
-toilets and showers
-braai stands
-outdoor benches with tables

Wild Life

The lagoon which is situated on the longest side of the property has an abundance interested small swamp animals e.g. fish, frogs, and these are a big attractant for those who feed on them.

-Hippos rest in the lagoon to escape the hot Ngamiland sun
-Crocodiles are found in the lagoon which is full of the Okavango Bream as well as tiger fish
-Elephant sightings a norm on a daily basis as they prow the area for fresh leaves and tree bark
-With the fish frongs and other small water animals comes a diverse bird community which have come to enjoy the delicacies in the water.


As a means of playing a part in conservation, the whole camp is solar powered. The vegetation in and around the lodge has largely been left as is with a view to preserve nature in its natural form. We fiercely protect and value everything from an ant to an elephant

Giving Back

Xaoo Safari camp is situated off of the village of Xuxao with no more than 300 natives scattered in and around the NG35 concession. Our vision is to support this community with basic necessities in the areas of a) fresh water b) food suppliers c) and sustainable employment. Guests are invited and encouraged to leave any donation which can enable us to fulfil this noble cause.


Below are some of the activties done, soon as we pick you up at the airport your adventure begins.

Pick Up Maun Airport

You can contact our office lines provided on the contact page


Buying supplies and food before we leave for camp

Transfer to Xaoo

Driving to the camp can also be amazing especially if we come accross game animals


After refreshing you're welcomed with mouth watering lunch at our site.

Cultural Experience

Visiting nearby settlements to interact with the people staying there is a must.

Xaoo Mokoro ride

The most popular activity in the Delta, where clients get to experience a ride in a quiet canoe through the marshes with the diverse wildlife in and outside the rivers and tributaries which make up the delta. This is an experience like no other and will surely give memories of a lifetime.


After a long day of exciting activities, we offer you delicious dinner

Nature Walk

At the furthest of the mokoro ride follows a nature walk, an up close and personal experience with the wilderness of the Okavango Delta. The indigenous flora and their uses will blow your mind as the guides share their knowledge of the wild. This is one that needs to be on your bucket list for sure.

Game Drive

Early morning and in the afternoon, Professional tour guides will take clients on a twenty-five-kilometer drive which will most certainly yield sightings of most, if not all, of the Big 5 and more animals in their natural habitat. The guides have a wealth of experience which will be at your disposal during the excursions.

Cultural music dance

For entertainment, you'd never go wrong with our cultural dance

Open Bar

For washdown we offer you an open bar to enjoy the evenning.

Wine & Star Gazing Night

Nothing is amazing like star gazing especially after a long day of exciting activities

Things to pack for your travel

Below are some of the things you should bring to avoid inconviniences

So these would be along the lines of insect repellent, throat lozenges, flu meds, vitamin c and zinc supplements.


The sun can be scorching when you are outdoors so bring a hat, sunblock or sunscreen and long sleeved shirts and pants.

High temperature

Bring your face masks, covid 19 test results and protocol confirmations. These will be based on the prescribed government process at the time.


Bring Gloves, scarfs, jacket and beanie especially in the months of May, June, July and August because temperatures can drop drastically in the late afternoons, night and early mornings.

Cold Temperatures

Phone, tablet or laptop with your music and other entertainment like a good book or magazine. Bring your country specific chargers. A travel diary or journal.

Entertainment Accessories


Since we want to make things easier for our clients, here are some of the frequently asked qustions as well as their answers.


In case you we didn't cover anything that you might need more elaboration on, plesae feel free to email us or call the numbers provided below.


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